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This beautiful Nordic can be built for you. $74,900

Try Before You Buy!

You're looking to downsize and buy a Craftsman Tiny Home.

One of our customers Purchased a Nordic model and is renting it out on AirBnB and Vrbo.

Contact us if you are interested to try before you buy and we will send you the link.

This is an affiliate marketing page, courtesy of Heather Day. Contact me any time if you need help with your Tiny Home Journey. When you click the link to start shopping, make sure you put in my referral code: 016. We will start communicating together with the manufacturer to make sure you get the tiny home you really want.

Heather Day for Craftsman Tiny Homes

From 16’-24’, you can customize and order the tiny home that perfectly fits your needs.

Gorgeous Outside

Your tiny home will be beautiful inside and out. Here’s what the outside will look like for each model.

Gorgeous Inside

These are truly handcrafted, high quality tiny homes, with beautiful wood siding inside. Here are some photos of the inside of the homes.

This page is created as an affiliate landing page. When you place your order, use referral code 016 and tell them Heather Day sent you. You can also contact me any time and I will be there with you every step of the way, helping your tiny home dreams come true.

Heather Day  and Craftsman Tiny Homes

Full kitchens and bathrooms

Just because your home is tiny, does not mean it’s not homey. Enjoy full benefits of your own kitchen and bathroom, including a tankless water heater.

Floor Plans That Fit

Whether you get the compact Bunk, the Unibox, or the Fully loaded Nordic, you can fit your life into these floor plans.

Contact Me

Have questions about purchasing your very own tiny home? Whether on wheels or made for homesite, I can help you get into your new affordable living option.

Text “Help me find my tiny home.” to: 904-707-1778

Email: heatherdaymusic@gmail.com

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